Samuel Hickman1,2,3,4

M, b. circa 1745, d. circa 1790
     Click on the above chart for the results of the Hickman DNA project, attempting to determine the ancestry of Samuel Hickman
. Samuel Hickman was born circa 1745 at Burlington Co, NJ.. He was the son of Francis Hickman and Jane Moon. He married Nannie (---). He lived in 1770 at New Honover Twp, Burlington Co, NJ.. He lived in 1774 at New Honover Twp, Burlington Co, NJ.. He lived in 1780 at Chesterfield Twp, Burlington Co, NJ.. He lived in 1785 at Georges Twp, Fayette Co, PA.. He died circa 1790 at Washington Co, PA; Greene Co. Samuel Hickman lived adjacent to the land of Peter Livengood (Robert Hickman's father-in-law) according to four different land surveys in 1786 and 1787. A subsequent deed transfer in 1800 also refers to Samuel Hickman as an adjacent resident. In a 1826 deed transfer, the adjacent land is recorded as "land of late Nannie Hickman." The land where Samuel Hickman lived is now in Jefferson Twp, Greene County. A land warrant was obtained by Silas Estel for this land on September 17, 1788. I have yet to find a connection between the Estel and Hickman families.
These land deeds are the only reference found of Samuel Hickman in Washington or Greene Counties. He is not listed in any of the annual tax lists or census of that area.

A Samuel Hickman appears in the 1785 tax list of Georges Township, Fayette County, PA. A Samuel Hickman appears on the February and May 1780 tax lists of Chesterfield Twp., Burlington County, New Jersey and the August 1774 tax list of New Hanover, Burlington County, New Jersey.

There are records of the births of four unnamed children of the Samuel Hickman of Burlington County: sons born July 26, 1766 and December 27, 1770; a daughter born 28 Aug 1768 and a daughter born "3rd of the week of April 7, 1773".
Y-DNA research has now proven that the Samuel Hickman of New Jersey is the same one, who migrated to Greene County, via Fayette County. It should be noted that Robert Hickman and William Hickman both named one of their sons "Samuel".

Specifically in 2015, Y- DNA research matched the Greene Co Hickmans to two descendants of Hickmans of Surry Co, NC, and to a proven descendant of of immigrant Francis Hickman of Chester Co, PA.

There appears to be no existing written documentation of the names of Samuel's children. Careful analysis of all the existing documents identify three sons William, Abraham and Robert.

DNA research on the descendants of sons Robert, William, and Abraham Hickman has collaborated those findings. All match exactly on the 37 DNA Y chromosone testing, with very few exceptions. This DNA analysis proves that they were all of the same biological family. See the DNA chart for details.

There is also a possibility of a son named David Hickman. Abraham Hickman sued David Hickman 23 Sep 1805, in Greene Co. (Note: in 1806 Abraham sued his brother Robert Hickman). David Hickman also appears in the Jefferson Twp, Greene Co. tax for one year: 1806.

Children of Samuel Hickman and Nannie (---)

Child of Samuel Hickman


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Nannie (---)

     Nannie (---) married Samuel Hickman, son of Francis Hickman and Jane Moon.
(Comment: The only known of her, is her name, based on Greene County land description, after her husband, Samuel, had died.)

Children of Nannie (---) and Samuel Hickman

William Hickman1,2,3,4,5

M, b. 26 July 1766, d. 1817
     William Hickman was born on 26 July 1766 at Burlington Co., NJ.. He was the son of Samuel Hickman and Nannie (---). He married Margaret Stewart. He lived in 1790 at Washington Co, PA..2 He was involved in a lawsuit, as an assignee of Robert Cather Esq., high sheriff of Greene County vs. George Thomas and Thomas Mitchell in June 1802.6 He died in 1817 at Wayne Twp, Greene Co, PA..
On 4 Apr 1834, heirs of William Hickman sold property to son-in-law Thomas Longstreath. Location is about 3 miles north of current town of Kuhntown, northern edge of Wayne Twp., Greene Co. Heirs are listed as Margaret [William's widow], William Hickman and Mary, Lewis Hickman and Fanny, Daniel Hickman and Martha, Samuel Hickman and Melinda, John Price and Margaret, Isaac Conley and Elizabeth, Wm Baily and Mary, Samuel Stewart and Martha, Peter Fry and Sarah, John Ritter and Patience. They were all then living in Monroe Co, OH.7 On 17 Nov 1837, Thomas Longstreth obtained warrant for land 296 acres, 146 perches.8

Children of William Hickman and Margaret Stewart


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William Jacob Berberick1,2,3,4

M, b. 17 March 1901, d. 23 January 1949
     William Jacob Berberick was born on 17 March 1901 at Hollister, CA.. He was the son of Charles F. Berberich. He was in the Air Service Flight School in 1920 at Riverside, CA.. He obtained U.S. Passport to travel overseas for "scientific research" and "educational motion pictures" in 1923.5 He married Norene Ethel Moore, daughter of William Charles Moore and Mary Euphamia Gerrard, on 26 March 1923 at Riverside, CA.6,7 He lived in 1926 at Caspalea, Peru. He was a superintendent of an auto garage in 1930 at Hilo, HI.. He was a welder at Hawaii. He died on 23 January 1949 at Honolulu, HI., at age 47.

Children of William Jacob Berberick and Norene Ethel Moore


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Samuel Williamson1

M, b. 1873, d. before 1971
     Samuel Williamson was born in 1873 at WV. He married Elsie Hatfield, daughter of Capt. William Benton Sine and Elizabeth Ann Hickman, in 1919. He died before 1971.

Child of Samuel Williamson and Elsie Hatfield


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Brittney (---)

     Brittney (---) is the daughter of Laura Chiantaretto.

Sarah Hickman

     Sarah Hickman is the daughter of Darin Kent Hickman and Tammy Novosel.

Jessica Hickman

     Jessica Hickman is the daughter of Darin Kent Hickman and Tammy Novosel.

Kathleen Mildred Andrew


Kory Ann Beckstead


Abraham Smith

M, b. 1819, d. 1866
     Abraham Smith was born in 1819 at PA. He married Emeline Bonar, daughter of Arthur Bonar and Margaret (---). He married Susan (---) Johnson after 1847. He died in 1866.1

Child of Abraham Smith and Emeline Bonar


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David J. Waters1,2,3,4,5

M, b. 20 June 1825, d. 28 January 1887
     David J. Waters was born on 20 June 1825 at Greene Co, PA.. He married Mary Estle, daughter of Matthias Estle and Mary Stewart. He moved to Wisconsin in 1864. He moved to Montana in 1865. He moved to Pony, MT. in 1876. He died on 28 January 1887 at Pony, Madison Co, MT., at age 61.

Children of David J. Waters and Mary Estle


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(---) Oberholtzer


Thomas Joseph Reynolds1,2,3

M, b. 29 November 1889, d. 7 April 1957
     Thomas Joseph Reynolds was born on 29 November 1889 at Connellsville, Fayette Co, PA.. He married Sarah Frances Sine, daughter of Harmon Luther Sine and Mary Frances Wright, circa 1924. He died on 7 April 1957 at Harrison Co, WV., at age 67.

Child of Thomas Joseph Reynolds and Sarah Frances Sine


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Joseph Patterson Berrier1,2

M, b. 25 September 1891, d. 22 February 1973
     Joseph Patterson Berrier was born on 25 September 1891 at WV. He married Grace Sine, daughter of Harmon Luther Sine and Mary Frances Wright, circa 1936. He died on 22 February 1973 at Duncannon, PA., at age 81. He was buried at Perry Co, PA..


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James Jefferson John

M, b. 1848, d. 11 October 1918
     James Jefferson John was born in 1848 at Monongalia Co, WV.. He married Mary J. Shriver, daughter of Isaac Jesse Shriver and Minerva Sine, on 1 March 1877 at Monongalia Co, WV.. He died on 11 October 1918 at Monongalia Co, WV..

Orpha Anne Morris1

F, b. 11 February 1853, d. 13 October 1915
     Orpha Anne Morris was born on 11 February 1853. She married Moses Leander Shriver, son of Isaac Jesse Shriver and Minerva Sine, on 26 September 1878 at Monongalia Co, WV.. She died on 13 October 1915 at Wadestown, Monongalia Co, WV., at age 62.


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Ida Shively

F, b. 1863
     Ida Shively was born in 1863 at Monongalia Co, WV.. She married John Lemley Shriver, son of Isaac Jesse Shriver and Minerva Sine, on 22 May 1881.

Margaret Chalfant

F, b. 1855, d. 6 July 1890
     Margaret Chalfant was born in 1855 at Clay District, Monongalia Co, WV.. She married George W. Shriver, son of Isaac Jesse Shriver and Minerva Sine, circa 1879 at Monongalia Co, WV.. She died on 6 July 1890 at Battelle District, Monongalia Co, WV..