Sarah (---)

     Sarah (---) married John Smith.

Child of Sarah (---) and John Smith

Sarah Fairbanks1

F, b. 9 December 1645, d. 2 March 1671/72
     Sarah Fairbanks was born on 9 December 1645 at Dedham, MA.. She was the daughter of John Fairbanks and Sarah Fiske. She married Captain Thomas Sawyer Jr., son of Thomas Sawyer and Mary Prescott, on 11 October 1670 at Lancaster, MA.. She died on 2 March 1671/72 at Lancaster, MA., at age 26.

Child of Sarah Fairbanks and Captain Thomas Sawyer Jr.


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Mary Rice1

F, b. 4 September 1656, d. 22 August 1733
     Mary Rice was born on 4 September 1656 at Sudbury, MA.. She married Captain Thomas Sawyer Jr., son of Thomas Sawyer and Mary Prescott, on 15 July 1718. She died on 22 August 1733 at Lancaster, MA., at age 76.


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Mary Gawkroger1

     Mary Gawkroger married John Prescott on 21 January 1629 at Sowerby, England.

Children of Mary Gawkroger and John Prescott


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Eirwen Llansannan


Bertha Goldie Myrtle Liming1,2

F, b. 1889
     Bertha Goldie Myrtle Liming was born in 1889 at WV. She married Harry Lee Tennant, son of Irvin Tennant and Mary Lavina Sine, on 1 January 1912 at Fairmont, Marion Co, WV..3

Children of Bertha Goldie Myrtle Liming and Harry Lee Tennant


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Virginia Richards1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

F, b. 20 May 1909, d. 11 August 1971
Virginia Avery
     Virginia Richards was born on 20 May 1909 at Harrison Co, WV.. She was the daughter of (---) Ball and Marge Malissa Akers. She lived at Despard, WV..10 She married Theodore Albert Calhoun Keenan, son of Henry "Harry" Patrick Keenan and Sarah Virginia Cunningham, on 3 November 1925 at Harrison Co, WV..11 She lived in Erie, PA., then moved to Buffalo, NY. She was a waitress in 1950 at Buffalo, NY. She married Wallace Francis Bakke on 11 April 1950 at Buffalo, NY..12 She lived from 1955 to 1957 at Holyoke, MA..13 She married William Harley "Lucky" Avery circa 1956. She moved to Chicago in 1958.13 She worked in Windel's Lounge in Chicago.14,15 She died on 11 August 1971 at Chicago, IL., at age 62. She was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, IL..

Children of Virginia Richards and Theodore Albert Calhoun Keenan


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. (---)


Darlene "Dolly" Helen Aus1,2,3

F, b. 16 March 1936, d. 15 May 2015
Dollie Potter 1962
     Darlene "Dolly" Helen Aus was born on 16 March 1936 at Ironwood, MI.. She married Walter Bruce Potter, son of Floyd "Mike" Marling Potter and Ina Viola Moore, on 11 May 1958 at Clark Co, NV.. She died on 15 May 2015 at FL. at age 79.

Child of Darlene "Dolly" Helen Aus and Walter Bruce Potter


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James Hayward1

M, b. 1613, d. 20 November 1642
     James Hayward was born in 1613 at England. He migrated on the Planter in 1635. He married Judith Phippen. He died on 20 November 1642 at Woburn, MA..

Child of James Hayward and Judith Phippen


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Anna Margaret "Peggy" Ellermeyer1,2,3,4

F, b. 7 September 1912, d. 30 September 2003
Peggy and son Mike Kittanning Newspaper Nov 1962
     Anna Margaret "Peggy" Ellermeyer was born on 7 September 1912 at PA. She was the daughter of Harry Ellermeyer and Margaret Fleming. She married Dr. Jacob Merwin Hickman, son of Jesse Henry Hickman and Kathryn I. Merwin, on 25 November 1936. She died on 30 September 2003 at Indiana, PA., at age 91.

Child of Anna Margaret "Peggy" Ellermeyer and Dr. Jacob Merwin Hickman


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Lucia "Lucy" Frances Matkins1,2,3,4,5,6

F, b. 7 October 1852, d. 12 January 1924
John and Lucia Hickman
     Lucia "Lucy" Frances Matkins was born on 7 October 1852 at Jackson Co, KY..7 She was the daughter of William Matkins and Jane Dunn. She married John Corbley Hickman, son of Jesse A. Hickman and Charlotte Waychoff, on 1 November 1874 at Dent Co, MO..8 She died on 12 January 1924 at Salem, Dent Co, MO., at age 71.7

Children of Lucia "Lucy" Frances Matkins and John Corbley Hickman


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Kathryn I. Merwin1,2,3,4,5

F, b. 6 October 1884, d. 16 July 1963
     Kathryn I. Merwin was born on 6 October 1884 at PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Ruffner Merwine and Sophie (---). She married Jesse Henry Hickman, son of Joseph Morgan Hickman and Sarah Virginia Cunningham, on 15 October 1906 at Kittanning, PA..6 She married William Freame Tittle Jr. on 19 August 1912. She and William Freame Tittle Jr. were divorced circa 1931.7 She operated the Nulton Hotel, after her father died, until 1961. She married Rufus Frick Bowser on 14 October 1947 at Winchester, VA.. She died on 16 July 1963 at Kittanning, Armstrong Co, PA., at age 78.

Children of Kathryn I. Merwin and Jesse Henry Hickman

Child of Kathryn I. Merwin and William Freame Tittle Jr.


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Gwen Marleene Douglass


Child of Gwen Marleene Douglass

Clara Monica Schulte1,2,3,4

F, b. 22 May 1892, d. 11 January 1974
Clara Hickman
     Clara Monica Schulte was born on 22 May 1892 at Charlestown, WV.. She married William Benton Hickman, son of Joseph Morgan Hickman and Sarah Virginia Cunningham, on 11 January 1912 at Mannington, WV.. She died on 11 January 1974 at Milwaukee, WI., at age 81.

Children of Clara Monica Schulte and William Benton Hickman


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Elizabeth Leavy Armstrong1,2,3,4

F, b. 25 October 1899, d. 19 September 1967
     Elizabeth Leavy Armstrong was born on 25 October 1899 at Springfield, IL.. She married Joseph Arlie Hickman, son of Joseph Morgan Hickman and Sarah Virginia Cunningham, on 4 September 1917 at El Paso, TX..5 She died on 19 September 1967 at age 67.

Children of Elizabeth Leavy Armstrong and Joseph Arlie Hickman


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