Jesse Leasure Stewart1,2,3,4

M, b. October 1867, d. 31 July 1915
Jesse Stewart - 1903
     Jesse Leasure Stewart was born in October 1867 at PA. He married Anna Belle Sine, daughter of Nelson H. Sine and Drexie Jane Hamilton, on 31 March 1891 at Marion Co, WV..5 He died on 31 July 1915 at Fairmont, WV., at age 47. He was buried at Beegum Cemetery, Marion Co, WV..

Children of Jesse Leasure Stewart and Anna Belle Sine


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Berta Margaret Devault1,2,3,4

F, b. 24 June 1891, d. 9 November 1965
     Berta Margaret Devault was born on 24 June 1891 at Marion Co, WV.. She married Arlie Clarence Talkington, son of Emery Talkington and Mary Viriginia "Jennie" Sine, on 1 April 1909 at Garrett Co, MD.. She died on 9 November 1965 at Fairmont, WV., at age 74.

Child of Berta Margaret Devault and Arlie Clarence Talkington


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Helen Iona Moore

F, b. 29 November 1914, d. 13 March 1990
     Helen Iona Moore was born on 29 November 1914 at Fairmont, WV.. She married Joseph Roy Talkington, son of Arlie Clarence Talkington and Berta Margaret Devault, on 15 April 1938 at Fairmont, WV.. She died on 13 March 1990 at Fairmont, WV., at age 75.

Child of Helen Iona Moore and Joseph Roy Talkington

Anna Van Belaer

     Anna Van Belaer married Derick Schenck, son of Derich Schenck Van Nydeck and Maria Van Galen, circa 1540 at Goch, Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.1

Child of Anna Van Belaer and Derick Schenck


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Maria Van Galen

     Maria Van Galen married Derich Schenck Van Nydeck, son of Derick Schenck Van Nydeck and Aeheit Custers.

Child of Maria Van Galen and Derich Schenck Van Nydeck

Catrina Ruten


Gertgen Burgers

     Gertgen Burgers married Derick Schenck Van Nydeck, son of Diederick Schenck Van Nydeck and Adelheit Von Buren.

Aeheit Custers

     Aeheit Custers married Derick Schenck Van Nydeck, son of Diederick Schenck Van Nydeck and Adelheit Von Buren. Aeheit Custers was also known as Casters.

Aelide Rayde

     Aelide Rayde married Henrich Schenck Van Nydeck.

Child of Aelide Rayde and Henrich Schenck Van Nydeck

Anna Clementine Kuciejczyk1,2

F, b. 18 January 1920, d. 12 July 1991
     Anna Clementine Kuciejczyk was born on 18 January 1920. She married Frank Leo Wilhite, son of Roy Monroe Wilhite and Mary Louise Hickman, in 1939.3 She died on 12 July 1991 at Fenton, MO., at age 71.

Children of Anna Clementine Kuciejczyk and Frank Leo Wilhite


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Tracey Marie Jewell


Diane Sue Wright

F, b. 24 January 1946, d. 26 January 1997
     Diane Sue Wright was born on 24 January 1946 at Fairmont, Marion Co, WV.. She married Michael Joseph Talkington, son of Joseph Roy Talkington and Helen Iona Moore, on 22 June 1968 at Fairmont, WV..1 She died on 26 January 1997 at Fairmont, Marion Co, WV., at age 51.

Children of Diane Sue Wright and Michael Joseph Talkington


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Sarah (---)

     Sarah (---) married Caspar Everly.

Children of Sarah (---) and Caspar Everly

Mary Wells1

F, b. 15 April 1665, d. 12 January 1693
     Mary Wells was born on 15 April 1665 at Boston, MA.. She was the daughter of Thomas Wells and Naomi Marshall. She married Ezekiel Maine Jr., son of Ezekiel Maine and Mary (---), on 14 January 1689 at Stonington, CT.. She died on 12 January 1693 at Stonington, CT., at age 27.

Child of Mary Wells and Ezekiel Maine Jr.


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Mary (---)

     Mary (---) married Ezekiel Maine, son of John Edmone Mayne and Elizabeth (---).

Child of Mary (---) and Ezekiel Maine

Jonas Pickels

M, d. 13 December 1664
     Jonas Pickels married Alice Hatch, daughter of Thomas Hatch and Lydia Gyles, on 23 December 1657 at Scituate, MA.. He died on 13 December 1664.

Children of Jonas Pickels and Alice Hatch

Elizabeth Peck1

     Elizabeth Peck married Gershom Palmer, son of Walter Palmer and Rebecca Short, on 11 November 1707.


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(---) (---)

F, d. before 1633
     (---) (---) married Walter Palmer. She died before 1633.

Children of (---) (---) and Walter Palmer

Bridget Thompson1

F, b. 11 September 1622, d. between August 1643 and 6 August 1643
     Bridget Thompson was baptized on 11 September 1622 at England. She married George Denison, son of William Denison and Margaret Chandler, in March 1640 at Roxbury, MA.. She died between August 1643 and 6 August 1643 at Roxbury, MA..

Children of Bridget Thompson and George Denison


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