Rhianna (---)


Robert Hickman

     Robert Hickman is the son of Daniel J. Hickman and Denise Bergstrom.

Margaret Smith

     Margaret Smith is the daughter of Robert Gene Smith.

John Earl Statler

M, b. 1956, d. 1974
     John Earl Statler was born in 1956. He was the son of Earl Edward Statler and Mildred Lucille Haught. He died in 1974.

Dixie Statler1

F, b. 1936, d. before 1975
     Dixie Statler was born in 1936 at VW. She was the daughter of Earl Edward Statler and Mildred Lucille Haught. She died before 1975.


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Rose Ann Rinella


Child of Rose Ann Rinella and Marvin Lee Haught

Linda Haught

     Linda Haught is the daughter of Marvin Lee Haught and Rose Ann Rinella.

Dr. James Claud Bonar1

M, b. 1828
     Dr. James Claud Bonar was born in 1828. He was the son of Samuel M. Bonar. He lived in 1898 at Butler, Pendketon Co, KY..


  1. [S5268] James C. Bonar 1898 letter.

(---) Whitfield


Robert Ora Balcomb


Samuel Woodburn1,2

M, b. 1807
     Samuel Woodburn was born in 1807 at OH. He married Sarah Ann Fleming, daughter of Joseph Fleming and Mary Hickman, on 5 November 1857 at Owen Co, IN..


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Merle Scott Carpenter1,2

M, b. 7 June 1918, d. 25 July 1972
     Merle Scott Carpenter was born on 7 June 1918 at Fair Hill, MD.. He married Frona Daisy Lambert on 20 July 1944 at Knox Co, OH.. He and Frona Daisy Lambert were divorced on 27 August 1945 at Knox Co, OH..3 He died on 25 July 1972 at age 54.


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George Cleveland Zimmerman

M, b. 29 June 1884, d. 7 February 1959
     George Cleveland Zimmerman was born on 29 June 1884 at Lawrence Co, OH.. He was the son of William A. Zimmerman. He died on 7 February 1959 at Lawrence Co, OH., at age 74.

Child of George Cleveland Zimmerman

Alden Buel Zimmerman

M, b. 8 August 1912, d. May 1957
     Alden Buel Zimmerman was born on 8 August 1912 at Lawrence Co, OH.. He was the son of George Cleveland Zimmerman. He died in May 1957 at Lawrence Co, OH., at age 44.

Child of Alden Buel Zimmerman

Dorothy Lucille Zimmerman

     Dorothy Lucille Zimmerman is the daughter of Alden Buel Zimmerman.

Julie Lyn Stagner


William Eschol Dixon1

M, b. 21 March 1927, d. 29 January 2003
     William Eschol Dixon was born on 21 March 1927 at Jeff Davis Co, GA.. He married Inez Alice Cash. He lived in 1951 at Jacksonville, FL.. He and Inez Alice Cash were divorced in 1954 at Putnam Co., FL.. He died on 29 January 2003 at Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL., at age 75.


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Eva Fisher

     Eva Fisher is the daughter of Carlos Elmo Fisher and Mary Lou Berberick.

Child of Eva Fisher and Robert Dale Lewis

Robert Dale Lewis

M, b. 9 July 1937, d. 24 February 2012
     Robert Dale Lewis was born on 9 July 1937. He died on 24 February 2012 at Carbondale, IL., at age 74.

Child of Robert Dale Lewis and Eva Fisher

Michael Lewis1

     Michael Lewis is the son of Robert Dale Lewis and Eva Fisher.


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