Elizabeth W. Loar1,2,3,4,5

F, b. 15 September 1848, d. 6 February 1935
     Elizabeth W. Loar was born on 15 September 1848 at Richhill Twp, Greene Co, PA.. She married William Porter Phillips, son of Elmore Phillips and Elizabeth Vandruff, on 16 September 1875.1 She died on 6 February 1935 at Mannington, Marion Co, WV., at age 86.

Children of Elizabeth W. Loar and William Porter Phillips


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Florence H. Nichols1,2,3

F, b. 5 December 1907, d. 10 March 1925
     Florence H. Nichols was born on 5 December 1907 at Pine Bank, Greene Co, PA.. She was the daughter of Robert William Nichols and Anna Grace Porter. She died of pneumonia. She died on 10 March 1925 at Waynesburg, PA., at age 17.


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Allen I. Nichols1

M, b. 1910, d. November 1939
     Allen I. Nichols was born in 1910 at Greene Co, PA.. He was the son of Robert William Nichols and Anna Grace Porter. He died in an automobile accident. He died in November 1939 at Greene Co, PA..


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Anna Grace Porter1,2,3

F, d. 19 September 1930
     Anna Grace Porter was the daughter of James Inghram Porter and Louisa M. Granlee. She married Robert William Nichols, son of Josephus S. Nichols and Emma Florence Spragg, in 1906. She died on 19 September 1930 at Waynesburg, PA..

Children of Anna Grace Porter and Robert William Nichols


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Viona Rose

     Viona Rose married Morris B. Fox, son of Kennedy Fox and Susannah Renner, after 1937.

Oliver Franklin Lockbaum1,2,3,4,5

M, b. 6 November 1882
     Oliver Franklin Lockbaum was born on 6 November 1882 at IL. He was the son of Adam D. Lochbaum and Mary Coates. He married Margaret Maggie Renner, daughter of Robert Renner and Francis A Leaman, in 1910. He and Margaret Maggie Renner were divorced. He lived in 1918 at Springfield, IL..
(Comment: in 1918, he stated his nearest relative was his father Adam Lockbaum.) He married Viola (---).

Child of Oliver Franklin Lockbaum and Margaret Maggie Renner


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