The small family cemetery is located on the original Hickman farm site on the ridge west of the top of Frosty Run, in Whiteley Township, Greene County, PA. The cemetery is near the northern boundary of State Game Land #223 on State Game Lands, between Frosty Run Road (paved road #616) and the dirt road #T596.

In his will, Robert Hickman directed that a stone wall be built at his gravesite. It is wall is three-foot high and encloses an area about eight by twelve feet. Inside the wall are the erect headstones of Robert and Mary Hickman.

In 1935, during a W.P.A. Veteran Burial Survey, Mr. Murdock, the landowner at that time, stated that Samuel Hickman, (the son of Robert and Mary) was buried in the Hickman Family Cemetery in an "unmarked grave."

In September 1965, as part of a County-wide cemetery inscription-reading project, Dorothy Hennen listed just three headstones: Robert and Mary Hickman and George W. Nicholas.

In August 1993, Jacob M. Hickman Jr., Howard L. Hickman, and I cleared portions of the overgrown cemetery and found evidence of two additional burial markers. In October 1993, Jacob M. Hickman Jr., using a probing rod, found four additional burial markers, including a marker engraved "H H".

In June 2007, Jacob M. Hickman Jr. and I placed a granite Veteran's grave marker just outside of the south wall, at the location indicated in the 1935 survey. [:CR:] The Cemetery was cleaned up and Jacob M. Hickman Jr. rebuilt portions of the stonewall that had collapsed over the years. [:CR:] It has been cleared of vegetation several times since. Most recently in August 2015, a group of incoming students at Waynesburg College, under the quidance of a State Game Warden, cleaned up the cemetery, [:CR;] [:CR:] Click on photos to enlarge.