[Letter by Nancy A Sine, age 18, to her grandparents Moses and Sarah Sine. Original letter at Colson Library, University of West Virginia]

                              July 2nd 1863
Dear Grand Father and Mother. It is with great pleasure that I attempt to write you a few lines in the shape of a letter. We received your letter in due time and was glad to hear that you got home sage but was sorry to hear that Grand Mother was ___ for awhile. We got your letter on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I took it over and read to Uncle John's family. Elisa has been sick but not very bad. We heard she bed fast on last Friday and she went to Sunday school on Sunday. They are all well now. We got a paper this evening and it states that they have captured 31 horses at one place and ____ in another. That is from ___ men that has started for Dixieland. The men escaped from them and ran to the woods. Mary Virginia talks a good deal about Grand Pap and Grand ma. We was glad to hear that you have got a good girl for work. Father seen that girl the day after she came home. She said there was girl by the name of ___ doing your work. I must close hoping there to hear from you soon. I remain your affectionate grand daughter. Nancy A Sine
               Give my best respect to all my relations and friends. Nancy


[Letter by Nancy A Sine, age 18, to her uncle William N Sine. Original letter at Colson Library, University of West Virginia]

                    Near Mannington W.VA. September 3rd 1863
Dear Uncle and Aunt. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I seat myself for the purpose of writing you a few lines in the shape of a letter to let you know how we are getting along. We have had quite a bade time here but we are all getting better. Virginia is rite bad yet but she is getting better. She can not stand on her feet yet and she had fell away so you would not no her I have got very near will so that I can do the work. I was at town Tuesday and received your letter. We was all glad to hear from you and to hear that your family and all the rest of our relatives was well. Well Uncle Will you will perhaps think strange of me answering your letter but I will tell the reason. Father is so busy thrashing that he cold not write before next Sunday and he said for some of us to write and let you know how we was getting along. We was all so sick last week that he had to stay about the house. Aunt Elizabeth was here this morning and said their family was all well as common. You spoke of the drouth in that settlement being severe. It has bad enough here. The pasture is very near dried up and we will not have a half a crop of corn this year. We has some rain here today but not enough to do much good. It has been so dry this year that our peaches has not half their growth and they are all ripe now. Father just now passed with the thrashing machine and he stopped and told to tell you that if you wanted to buy any cattle to wait till you come up here for he had some to sell and perhaps you like to buy them. If so come up for we would like to see you all any how. You spoke about the war news. There is not much stir at this time. Only they are taking up Gray backs past here every day on the train but they don't get to stay bound very long in prison for they are exchanged nearly as soon as they got there. Some people think that the war will soon be over but I don't think that it will be over very soon from all appearances. Most of the talk now is about the poor niggers. For my part I do not believe much in the negroism for I am no abolishinist. I am a Democrat and I don't care how knows it. Some calls me a Yankee and other call me a secesh [sp/] but I don't care what they call me so they don't call me to late to supper. Well I must soon close for I must write another letter this evening. You must all come up as soon as you can and write whenever convenient. Give my best respects to all my relatives and receive to yourselves the best wishes of you affectionate niece. Excuse all the blots and mistakes for my hand trembles so I can hardly write. So good by. Nancy A Sine
          To William N Sine and Family and Grand Father and Mother